XiO Redz Jacket


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Order must be placed by December 27th at 12 noon to guarantee an on time delivery on the week of Feb 13th.   Orders placed after this deadline may not arrive in time for the event. 

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Please review.

Following your order, your individual mockup will be sent for you to approve.  Please double check your email and/or phone number for accuracy.   If a change needs to be made please reject the mockup.  We will modify and post a new mockup.  The official mockup (except for the individual name and numbers, and the crossing season) is above.   

Design Specifications.

Greek letters will be sized for the jacket size to not block pockets.

Chapter will be 3.5 inches tall and 4.4 inches wide

Year will be 3.5 inches tall and 4.4 inches wide

Number will be 8 inches tall 

Line name will be sized to fit the jacket.  The letters are 2 inches tall on a straight line

The Redz Graphic will be 12.5 inches wide.